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About Us

Before the checkered flag drops, there is a moment of stillness. Everything slows down, even your heartbeat. It is just you and the engine. Nothing else matters. Then a twist of the wrist or the impact of your foot to the pedal, and it begins. Adrenaline surges through your body as thunder shatters the pavement beneath you, causing the nervous system to go into battle mode. 

This is what our design wishes to capture…"The moment". The calm before the storm. The grit of the battle and the feeling of victory. When you look at our design, we want you to remember the battle. We want you to remember the moment you received your first bike. We want you to remember the first race you had on it. We want you to remember the feeling of the first  F1 or MotoGP race you witnessed. When your eyes behold our design, we want you to relive the moment.

Since I was a kid I watched my older brother ride his Kawasaki Ninja. I helped him fix it whenever it broke down. I remember looking up in the garage and seeing the maps and racing posters on the wall. I remember the oil and grit on the pavement and walls. The smell of oil, metal, and gasoline in the air. As an adult, I now ride and follow MotoGP and Formula 1. I remember my first MotoGP race. Feeling the stands shake from the crowd and the engines. When I look up at our maps, it takes me back to those moments. Each design is a representation of my love for racing. My love for the feeling. Other than riding, this is the way I show respect to each track and the riders and teams that dedicate their lives to the moment. This is why Grand Prix Maps was created. Live in that moment. Dream and become victorious.

Designer of Grand Prix Maps